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Information Sessions

The application process begins with attending an Information Session where you will

learn about Rain Lily Montessori School and the Wildflower Network. 

Upcoming Information Sessions:

 Completed for this enrollment season.  Please contact us if you have questions.  

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Application Process

  1. Apply Online

  2.  Attend a Parent Information Session

  3. Sign up to attend a Parent/Child Open House

  4. Receive Admissions Decision

Rain Lily Montessori School follows a 1/3 Enrollment Model.  This is an important part of our commitment to equity and inclusion.  Rather than just filling enrollment, we actually save space for families of all income levels.

Complete an Application 

We are currently accepting applications for the 2024-2025 academic year!


We look forward to getting to know you and your family!

Our Approach to Customized Tuition

In our efforts to provide equitable access to our school, we have adopted  a Family Individualized Tuition Model, with a 4 Tier Tuition Program. Income will be self reported by families to FAST, an independent Tuition Determination/Financial Aid Assessment Platform. FAST evaluates a family's ability to pay, including such factors as family size, number of children attending schools that charge tuition, and assets/liabilities that are not reflected in household income.

The numbers we used to determine income categories are specific to cost of living in Nassau County, Florida, and based on HUD guidelines. Once a family is offered an enrollment spot, they will be asked to complete the FAST application to determine which tuition tier they fall under.

In our efforts to ensure that everyone has equitable access to our school, we accept VPK, School Readiness, and Step Up for Students.  

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